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ezramoon's Journal

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Ezra Moon
3 August 1991
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I LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Ezra. Well my internet name is Ezra, my real name need not be disclosed. I am from South Jersey and i love reading manga, watching anime, and sports. I particularly like action and yaoi manga. Those are my top two but i read all types of manga. I like Shounen-Ai, Gender Bender, Comedy, Drama, Romance, just everything :)

My favorite Action mangas are The Breaker (Prequel & Sequel), Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Oresama Teacher, Beelzebub, Noblesse, & City of Darkness. Those are my top 7 :) And of course i have a whole bunch more :D But way to many to name.

My favorite Yaoi is Dear Green, the sequel. My second favorite yaoi is the Punch Up, my third is Super Lovers, fourth is The Finder Series and the fifth is Honto Yajuu. I particulary like all of Yamane Ayano Sensei and Fujiyama Hyouta Sensei works. Of course there's more books and authors i like but there's so many to name.

My favorite Sports in order is as follows: Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football. I read this awesome sports Yaoi manga called Shout Out Loud. I put off reading it for a while, but when i finally did it was so good. But i like sports in general, not just in manga. I love watching the NHL and MLB especially.

I love Wrestling, WWE in particular. I used to be a casual fan but not so much anymore so my favorites changed significantly from what they were a month ago.

Top 10 Current (as of 1/8/13)

1. Randy Orton
2. CM Punk
3. Shield (Specifically Dean & Seth)
4. Cody Rhodes
5. Wade Barrett
6. Bray Wyatt
7. Damien Sandow
8. Big E Langston
9. Goldust
10. Dolph Ziggler/Antonio Cesaro

Top 8 Divas <3 I tried to make a Top 10 but it just aint happening :/

1. Kaitlyn
2. AJ Lee
3. Naomi
4. Paige
5. Summer Rae
6. Brie
7. Nattie: She's, imo, the best in-ring but damn is she boring :/
8. Alicia Fox

Top 10 All-time (as of 7/20/13)

1. The Rock
2. The Undertaker
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
4. Randy Orton
5. Jeff Hardy
6. Y2J
7. Shawn Michaels
8. Edge
9. Lita
10. Triple H

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